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31-05-2015 |

Jobs completed at the community working bee


Thanks very much everyone! Have a look at the “after” photo’s here. You can see the loading race and forcing yards have been all cleaned up, and Jacky Morgans paddock now looks like a paddock not a clearing sale! Thanks to all.      

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30-04-2015 |

35 community members, 12 kids, one baby, 5 Lions club members on the BBQ and 2 dogs. What a great Working bee at the farm!


Thanks to everyone who came to the farm working bee! A fantastic day was held with all of the clean up jobs completed and then some! 6 and 1/2 tonnes of scrap metal was collected, and the end of clean up BBQ was enjoyed by all. The paddocks will now […]

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14-04-2015 |

Jobs to be completed at the farm working bee April 12th

   Job 1 : Clean up scrap in Jacky Morgans paddock Job 2: Clean up scrap around old dairy           Job 3 : Remove 2 old fences and pick up Irrigation pipes

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03-04-2015 |

Working bee at the farm – Sunday 12th April @ 9:30am

fencing team in action

Please click on the link to find out about the working bee on the farm on Sunday, 12th April starting at 9:30am. Working bee scan

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03-04-2015 |

Old yards on factory Rd decommissioned

old yard from road 2

On Tuesday 31st March the fencing and maintenance team at the farm started to decommission the old stock yards on Factory rd. By 12 noon, Wednesday 1st April, the yards were down and the boundary fence secured! The team did a great job salvaging gates and timber that we will […]

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02-03-2015 |

Box thorn removal


Big patches of Box thorn, an introduced weed that can take over the land and render it unusable, have been removed from within the paddocks and on the boundary line. John Rea kindly donated his expertise and excavator to remove and destroy the box thorn. He did a fantastic job […]

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02-03-2015 |

Boundary fencing of the farm finished and secure

20141107(post ramming)PB061275_M

A priority of the farm committee at the beginning of the lease in Sept 2014 has been to ensure the boundary fence of the farm is secure and safe for locals and the farm livestock. The Factory Rd boundary fence(approx 800m) was identified as not being adequate. With the help […]

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02-03-2015 |

WCB-ARR community farm calves gets ear tagged and a drench!


On Saturday Feb 21st, the first stock working bee was held in our newly renovated yards. The 37 calves were all individually ear tagged(thanks Allflex!) and drenched with Dectomax inj.(thanks Zoetis). Dave Pullen helped with techinical know how by weighing and EID scanning all the calves. We will now be […]

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04-02-2015 |

WCB-ARR community farm features in the WCB supplier newsletter

SmallWCB-ARR Com farm_M

Please follow the link to view the article that appeared in the WCB January supplier newsletter.

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01-02-2015 |

John Mclean

John McleanIMG_0468-001 shrunk_L

ARRCOM wish to recognise John F McLean for his contribution to the recreation reserve and the Allansford community through the erection of a monumental stone in his honour to be placed in front of the grandstand. John was introduced to the Allansford oval at a young age by his Uncle […]

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