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18-11-2016 |

Allansford Recreation Reserve Community Christmas Party 2016


Allansford Recreation Reserve committee of management would like to invite all the community to the annual christmas party.   Download your invite by following this link. It will be held at the Allansford Rec reserve, Thursday 8th December at 5:30pm. Fun and games for the kids provided by Allansford and […]

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16-09-2015 |

Exciting news – ARR netball complex starting!!!


After much hard work the ARR netball court complex development is going to start this week!! Follow us on our news page as we track the progress and meet the workers and volunteers who are making this happen.  

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21-08-2015 |

Community farm successful grant application


The Geoffrey Gardiner Dairy Foundation through the Community and People Development Program, is committed to strengthening Victorian dairy communities and partners with the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) to provide a $100,000 annual fund that awards $5,000 grants for innovative, community driven projects. The grants are available for […]

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17-08-2015 |

Lunch time for the yard renovation team


I passed through the farm to check on progress and found lots of work done, lots of tools, but no one around. Rumor has it that “Cheese world” is employing more lunch time staff on a Monday to cope with the unprecedented demand for food………

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17-08-2015 |

Stock Yard development


The farm stock yards are undergoing major renovations with the farm work team undertaking design and construction changes to make them more safe and useable. The team consists of Bob, Pat, Ray, Glenn and the latest recruit Ben Dinwoodie. Ben has been a valuable inclusion to the yard renovation, bringing […]

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15-07-2015 |

One stuck steer…………


You never know what you might find at the farm on a Sunday morning!!! Number 37 got his head stuck in an old wagon wheel! Zara,Izzy, Fraser,JK and Bob where on the job and set him free in no time! Number 37 survived to tell the tale, but had a […]

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15-07-2015 |

Allansford Primary school help with tree planting


Three tree plantations have been planted out on the community farm with the help of 4 willing volunteers from Allansford District primary school. Gemma Creed, Stephanie Rea, Isaac Durden and Noah Parsons, along with Mr Allen helped Bob, Keith, Ray, Glenn and Jan plant 50  apple gum trees as feature […]

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31-05-2015 |

Jobs completed at the community working bee


Thanks very much everyone! Have a look at the “after” photo’s here. You can see the loading race and forcing yards have been all cleaned up, and Jacky Morgans paddock now looks like a paddock not a clearing sale! Thanks to all.      

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30-04-2015 |

35 community members, 12 kids, one baby, 5 Lions club members on the BBQ and 2 dogs. What a great Working bee at the farm!


Thanks to everyone who came to the farm working bee! A fantastic day was held with all of the clean up jobs completed and then some! 6 and 1/2 tonnes of scrap metal was collected, and the end of clean up BBQ was enjoyed by all. The paddocks will now […]

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14-04-2015 |

Jobs to be completed at the farm working bee April 12th

   Job 1 : Clean up scrap in Jacky Morgans paddock Job 2: Clean up scrap around old dairy           Job 3 : Remove 2 old fences and pick up Irrigation pipes

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